Brian May criticizes Theresa May and Brexit

Queen guitarist Brian May, 70, has criticised Theresa May over Brexit. He said the PM is “driven by vanity and thirst for power” and added that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union is “the dumbest thing Britain has ever done in my lifetime”.

The Queen guitarist has often criticised both the Tory leader and Brexit and accused the PM to have a “lack of moral fibre”. With regard to Brexit, the musician referred to it as a “tragedy” and “disaster”.

He said of Theresa May: “She is, like Cameron before her, driven by vanity and thirst for power. It was wrong from the beginning to ask the British to vote on Brexit, which has consequences that most were unaware of.

Brian May stated: “I’m upset that a few politicians have managed to throw us under a bus. I sincerely hope that we can manage to get out of it again. It’s a disaster, because the losses that are caused by it will be huge for us. Brexit is the dumbest thing Britain has ever done in my lifetime, for me and for many other Britons, this is an absolute tragedy, because the story is going in the wrong direction. It was always important to me to identify similarities and to work together. Brexit destroys the work of a whole generation that has brought Europe together.” Reflecting on his career with Queen, May added: “Because we brought people together all over the world with songs like ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are The Champions’ … These are precious moments, experiences, which for me, I believe make it less likely that wars will occur.”

He tweeted: “BREXIT? My view? Simple. Stay in Europe – but then get rid of Cameron and his gang of pro-privilege cronies. Let’s get civilised.”

May joins a number of music stars and actors who have taken part in the Brexit debate.

Sir Patrick Stewart tweeted that he was “embarrassed to be British” after the Brexit vote and apologised to Europe for the exit. Elton John and Bob Geldof also backed remain in the referendum.

On the other hand, former Beatles Ringo Starr and ex-Smiths frontman Morrissey have spoken positively about Brexit.

Article by Valentina Guidi. 

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